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Hypnosis and Sports Performance

Hypnosis for Sports Performance

Sports hypnosis is the method of using hypnosis, nlp and mindfulness techniques with athletes and other sports players to enhance and improve their performance and improve physical recovery from injury. Hypnosis is used in sports primarily for two purposes – performance enhancing and therapeutic purposes. Sports athletes can succumb to many injuries due to the intense physical training they undergo to stay in shape and form and while playing the actual sport. Hypnosis is used in helping them get over the trauma of pain and injury and improving their mental state of mind to achieve excellence in the game.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the process of inducing a person into a state of heightened consciousness in which he is highly suggestible or receptive to direction or suggestion from a professional hypnotist. It reconnects both body and mind and rewires responses.  It is used to primarily help improve performance, attitude or alter unwanted behavior. Hypnosis is safe, simple and successful. When choosing a hypnotist it is important to look for someone with a minimum of 500 hours of training and someone who has graduated from a State-Licensed School.

Use of hypnosis in sports

Hypnosis is used widely among professional athletes. They believe that hypnosis is a great tool to achieve their personal best. Subconsciously athletes may be sabotaging their own performance or suppress their pain and anger which may adversely affect them in other ways. Professional hypnotherapy is an excellent way to transform these blocks.  Team members of the Russian Olympic team are known to use hypnosis to enhance their performance.  For more information on how hypnosis can help you achieve your personal best visit

Why you need to be De-Hypnotized!

Ever wonder why you just can’t stop a habit or why you do things when part of you wants to and part of you doesn’t?  Well that is because you are already hypnotized. What? Yes, you have already been hypnotized. That is to say that you are most likely carrying beliefs about yourself and others in your subconscious mind that where placed there long ago. In fact, your subconscious mind was formed long before you had the reasoning skills or resources to do anything about it.  Doesn’t that just seem pretty unfair? Yep, it sure does, but the good news is that it can be changed and quickly with a trained and qualified Hypnotherapist.

As an infant you come into being in this human form and you are all light and love and you poop probably poop often. But at your heart, your core the essence of your being, you are pure, unimpressed upon and trusting. Then things begin to happen to you, the Doctor slaps you, your dad yells and your babysitter burns your sweet little lips because the milk was too hot.  Certainly, these are just examples and fairly minor ones of events that happen to us all, but these events create beliefs and that is where it gets sticky. Literally, these beliefs start to stick in your subconscious. So now as it is the utmost duty of your subconscious to protect you, it starts to modify your behavior to do just that but without your conscious knowledge. What? How can this be? Can’t I just “get over” this stuff and forget about it? Sure you can try to do that consciously but the truth is your subconscious is running the show 90% of the time so you are simply outgunned.

Based on the above examples of unfortunate events we may start to believe, “we are not safe in this world” or “we are not loveable”. Now, if that belief continues to be reinforced as you grow through additional poor treatment, traumatizing events or outright abuse then it solidifies as a core belief and now it is driving your behavior even more. Even though you may say, I am over that and you can’t cry over things that happened so long ago, your subconscious doesn’t buy it. If you carried a belief you are not safe, well that can drive your behavior in all sorts of maladaptive ways that often leave you puzzled and less than joyful.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I work backwards to help you discover what the core belief is that may be driving your behavior and holding you back and then we correct it together, realign you with the truth about who you truly are. Through my extensive training and focused discipline in Hypnotherapy, together we discover the issues and move you through a truly transformational process. It is at this point the “reprogramming” can begin and it is immediate and powerful.

So before you look to a Hypnotherapist to hypnotize you, the first step very well may be to dehypnotize yourself from the years of repetitive self-talk that is reinforcing a negative and non-productive core belief.  Then the reprogramming begins and peace and harmony are restored. A delightful added benefit is your mind chatter begins to quiet down as you are dehypnotized from the false beliefs that were buried in your subconscious. Abundance, joy and freedom once again rule the day and you are restored to a place of light and love of your infancy but without any of the diaper drama.


Holiday Hypnosis! A gift to help you avoid holiday stress

The very word hypnosis can conjure up the image of some swirling eyed zombie under the hypnotists’ control. In actuality nothing could be further from the truth, in fact you are more alert and in a heightened state of awareness during a hypnotherapy session. Hypnosis is simply a state of deep mental and physical relaxation. In that state you can make really powerful changes to your thoughts which in turn allow you to experience profound personal transformation.

With the holidays approaching, I wanted to take a moment to give you a powerful resource to help you in those moments of hectic holiday happenings. The great news is we experience hypnosis natually all the time and in fact when you are falling asleep you enter an early stage of hypnosis. I want to take this time to give you a gift that will keep you feeling more peaceful and calm during the upcoming “joyous” season.

Ok so you probably already know this, but just as a reminder, it isn’t what is actually happening around you that is making you feel all stressed out, it is how you respond to it internally. Yes, that voice in your head – the conversation you are having in your mind is so critical and important, so it stands to reason that if you change your response and thoughts to the events on the outside that you will enjoy a different response on the inside, both physically and emotionally. Wow could it be that simple?

So first things first, you have to think about something or someone who may stress you out during the holidays. Maybe it’s a loud cousin or your Aunt Millie who just still insists on critiquing everything you wear and eat, or try to imagine the stress you feel when that ‘to do’ list is staring at you. Whatever you decide to focus on is perfectly fine, now take a second and write down this thing or person that stresses you out.

Take your time and be specific. Write out the details of what this pending stress event will be like. Now here is the fun part: set it aside and take a new piece of paper and write down what you would rather have happen. How would you rather this stressful person or event manifest during the holidays?

Tonight, when you are falling asleep at night form a picture of what you really want to happen in your mind’s eye and focus on this image of the desired outcome, focus on the outcome that you want. See Aunt Millie saying, “You look very nice in that sweater.” Perhaps you want to imagine how easy it is for you to blow through that ‘to do’ list.

Your subconscious mind is wide open while you are falling asleep, so this is prime time to make positive statements and hold images in your mind of how you would rather your life be. When you awaken, just keep moving through life as you normally would and your subconscious is going to work to create the images you are holding on to.

Keep practicing this for at least one full week, and you will begin to notice a change in how you feel about the upcoming holidays. I want you to have fun with this, and even start to play around with what else you can affect in your life by changing the image or how you think about it.

So yes, stress is an option and if you change your mind, well you change your life.

But how can something this simple work? Simple, because your subconscious mind is controlling your behavior 90% of the time. Your subconscious is designed to help you achieve what you believe you want, if you hold onto a belief that the holidays will be stressful, then that is what you will get and you subconscious will support you in that.

Your subconscious can only say yes, so you can begin to think about what you are really asking for with your thoughts and beliefs. You see, Dorothy you had the power all along! Happy Holidays!

If you would like to learn more or set up a Holiday Hypnosis Session and give back to yourself this year visit my website at

Your Words Matter! Open Eye Hypnosis & Becoming a Master Communicator

Your Words Matter!

Open Eye Hypnosis and Becoming a Master Communicator

Can we be hypnotized and be unaware that it is happening? Can we learn how to hypnotize and speak to others’ subconscious minds covertly? The answer is absolutely yes. I must caution that the quest to master and study the communication skills that allow you to do this should be a noble and righteous one. The reason for being interested in how to do this is expectantly rooted in wanting to improve your personal and professional relationships and improve the lives of those around you. These techniques take years to master but here is an overview and some tips that you can apply today to greatly improve how you communicate with others.

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970’s. In a nutshell, they found that particular words and sentence structures facilitated the acceptance of therapeutic suggestions. They later discovered that everyone follows a map when making decisions in life. Simply put, we filter information through our personalized perception based on our experiences. If you combine these two techniques, you discover how to communicate with yourself and others on a whole new level. Of course, marketing professionals and sales professionals have been applying these techniques for years. For example, if you have ever taken a survey on a social media site to find out what kind of Spirit Animal you would be or What Ancient Warrior you where in a past life, that is a technique to gather information on how you make decisions, and it provides the marketing company highly sensitive data about exactly how you make decisions. That sensitive data can be used to market directly to you and make their ads irresistible to you. Another example is in sales, where the sales person works you into a Yes Mindset by asking you questions that keep you answering yes right up until the big close. There are countless ways that Indirect Hypnosis and NLP are being used to separate you from your dollars and gather critical data about how you make decisions.

Let’s explore some ways that you can begin to implement Indirect Hypnosis and NLP to improve your relationships, increase productivity and help you attain the life you truly desire. To begin, there are some important things to know about how people make decisions. First, let’s explore how a person’s brain works when making decisions. Do you ever find that some people are easier to understand than others? This is actually based on our personal representational system. Every individual has a preferred way of taking in information. Each of us prefers to learn and make decisions in one of the following ways:

• Visually: Someone shows you how to do it

• External Auditory Explanation: Someone tells you how to do it

• Internal Auditory Explanation: You talk yourself through how to do it

• Kinesthetic: You learn by physically doing something

These can be referred to as our meta-model which demonstrates how we process information. In NLP, Meta-Models are used to describe and show how we …

• Reason

• Gather Information

• Decide on Preferences

• Deal with Stress

• Emote

• React to Situations

• Make Decisions

So how can you begin to understand how the person you are communicating with accesses their Meta-Model? Here are some covert techniques to help you better adapt your communication style to become a master communicator. If you pay attention, you can find that people will give a clue to how their information is stored. That clue can be discovered by studying their eye movements. Simply ask them about something that happened and study how they access the information. You can tell if they are a visual, external auditory learner (preferred to be told how), internal auditory learner (talk themselves through it), or kinesthetic (prefer to learn by doing).

• Visual: They will look up and to your right

• External Auditory: They will look sideways and to your right

• Kinestetic: They will look down and to your left

• Internal Auditory: They will look down and to your right

Another powerful way to know if you are communicating with someone who is visual, auditory or kinesthetic is to listen to the words they use when speaking. Below are some examples of descriptive techniques to notice when listening that will give you valuable information. Humans store memories as a series of images, sounds and feelings. As a person talks they will choose a representational system and give you a clue to whether they are remembering a story through images, sounds and feelings. Below are some patterns to look for…

Visual People Talk about • Color • Two or Three Dimensional • Location • Distance • Size • Brightness • Contrast

Auditory People Talk about • Volume (Loud or Soft) • Sounds • Tone • Tempo • Distance from sound • Clarity (clear or muffled)

Kinesthetic People Talk about • Pressure • Textures • Intensity • Weight • Temperature • Shape • Emotions (I Felt)

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but a very practical way to begin honing your master communicator skills. If you want to get someone to understand, believe, or agree with you, you must discover and then communicate in their model. Secondly, another technique that will aid you on your journey to becoming a master communicator is rapport building. Now, we have all heard about building rapport but this is beyond simply finding common ground such as a sports team or children and connecting on that single subject. In the application of covert hypnotism this refers to matching and mirroring. One caveat is that this must be done without the knowledge of the person you are communicating with and it takes practice and patience. Mirroring is defined as when you copy someone else’s behavior: movement, body position, hand gestures, tone of language, etc. A clear example of mirroring is seen when a couple naturally completes each other’s sentences. They are so in tune they actually seem to read the others thoughts. With matching you want to begin to actually match their breathing, their blinking and the speed at which they are talking. As you become even more skilled you can begin to insert a few of the phrases they are using. Again, it is vital that this is not obvious and done outside of the persons perception.

In Hypnosis we use these techniques to help others achieve trance like states simply through conversation, allowing us to access the subconscious and deliver suggestions that aid the client in reaching their goals. Our subconscious mind is controlling our behavior over 90% of the time. It is the powerhouse of human behavior. Covert hypnosis can help to establish an indirect connection to the subconscious mind through speech patterns and movement. It takes many years and much training to master the techniques of NLP and Hypnotism. In a conclusion, you can be hypnotized by someone against your will and without your knowledge, but it is not an easy process and requires high hypnotic abilities from the hypnotist. Although it is most likely that a professional hypnotist would only use such techniques in a professional environment to support you in your goals, the techniques we have covered here are meant to support you in improving your relationships and life as a whole. I encourage you to continue your study of hypnosis and NLP to not only improve your communication skills, but to improve your personal happiness and life in ways that are truly magical. Please visit to learn about how hypnosis can improve your life & help you to become a master communicator.


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