Why Celebrities Use Hypnosis

Why Top Performers Use Hypnosis?


In this over-stimulating and competitive era, it’s easy to feel distracted, even discouraged, about your ability to shine. Perhaps you feel your progress in reaching your goals is consistently under par; or maybe you ‘freeze up’ at exactly the time when you need to be ‘in the flow’.

Sound familiar? You are not alone. Top sports figures like golfer Tiger Woods, basketball star Michael Jordan and many other athletes have had the same difficulties. It is well documented that one method they use to override and dissolve their self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk is therapeutic hypnosis, also called hypnotherapy. 

How does it work? First, I want to explain that hypnotherapy is not something that takes you over or makes you lose control. It is an alert state where you become more aware and focused on achieving your personal best.

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner,  I am trained to unearth your negative mind talk and change it to positive. By working with me, after a few sessions, if not after only one visit, you will have learned techniques for anxiety reduction and begun to shift the subconscious from old ‘tape loops’ that end in failure, to new recordings of success and achievement.

Performance enhancement does not have to come from a pill or a protein powder. You already have what it takes to succeed!

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