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Holiday Hypnosis! A gift to help you avoid holiday stress

The very word hypnosis can conjure up the image of some swirling eyed zombie under the hypnotists’ control. In actuality nothing could be further from the truth, in fact you are more alert and in a heightened state of awareness during a hypnotherapy session. Hypnosis is simply a state of deep mental and physical relaxation. In that state you can make really powerful changes to your thoughts which in turn allow you to experience profound personal transformation.

With the holidays approaching, I wanted to take a moment to give you a powerful resource to help you in those moments of hectic holiday happenings. The great news is we experience hypnosis natually all the time and in fact when you are falling asleep you enter an early stage of hypnosis. I want to take this time to give you a gift that will keep you feeling more peaceful and calm during the upcoming “joyous” season.

Ok so you probably already know this, but just as a reminder, it isn’t what is actually happening around you that is making you feel all stressed out, it is how you respond to it internally. Yes, that voice in your head – the conversation you are having in your mind is so critical and important, so it stands to reason that if you change your response and thoughts to the events on the outside that you will enjoy a different response on the inside, both physically and emotionally. Wow could it be that simple?

So first things first, you have to think about something or someone who may stress you out during the holidays. Maybe it’s a loud cousin or your Aunt Millie who just still insists on critiquing everything you wear and eat, or try to imagine the stress you feel when that ‘to do’ list is staring at you. Whatever you decide to focus on is perfectly fine, now take a second and write down this thing or person that stresses you out.

Take your time and be specific. Write out the details of what this pending stress event will be like. Now here is the fun part: set it aside and take a new piece of paper and write down what you would rather have happen. How would you rather this stressful person or event manifest during the holidays?

Tonight, when you are falling asleep at night form a picture of what you really want to happen in your mind’s eye and focus on this image of the desired outcome, focus on the outcome that you want. See Aunt Millie saying, “You look very nice in that sweater.” Perhaps you want to imagine how easy it is for you to blow through that ‘to do’ list.

Your subconscious mind is wide open while you are falling asleep, so this is prime time to make positive statements and hold images in your mind of how you would rather your life be. When you awaken, just keep moving through life as you normally would and your subconscious is going to work to create the images you are holding on to.

Keep practicing this for at least one full week, and you will begin to notice a change in how you feel about the upcoming holidays. I want you to have fun with this, and even start to play around with what else you can affect in your life by changing the image or how you think about it.

So yes, stress is an option and if you change your mind, well you change your life.

But how can something this simple work? Simple, because your subconscious mind is controlling your behavior 90% of the time. Your subconscious is designed to help you achieve what you believe you want, if you hold onto a belief that the holidays will be stressful, then that is what you will get and you subconscious will support you in that.

Your subconscious can only say yes, so you can begin to think about what you are really asking for with your thoughts and beliefs. You see, Dorothy you had the power all along! Happy Holidays!

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