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Life Mastery & Becoming the Best You!

You know what you want; you look around and see that others are achieving their greatest potential. Are you left scratching your head and wondering why? Mastering a peaceful and happy life will start with your definition of happiness. When we get caught up in our ego and the dangerous trap of comparing ourselves to others, it is a vortex which creates more internal conflict and not less. We have all heard that money does not buy happiness and that is true. It can buy a lot of distractions and keep you busy and focused on things but until we dig into the personal work of clearing our emotional blocks, rich, poor, young or old all roads will lead back to internal conflict and suffering. The truth is that peace of mind does not exist outside of ourselves and by tuning into the pure potential that lives within each of us, you can raise your vibrations to attract more abundance. Certainly you have experienced that moment when you feel or even say to someone, “I like your vibe, man.” Well it is actually true because our thoughts are things and they vibrate energetically into the universe and bring back to us that which we think about the most. By getting clear on your life categories and working through meditation and mindfulness, you can absolutely and effortlessly create the life you desire.