Manage Physical Discomfort and Medical Conditions through Hypnosis

My personal journey into hypnotherapy began with a terrible back injury. I know the burden of chronic pain and am free today from it because of the incredible power of hypnotherapy. I currently work with multiple Medical Doctors and Psychiatrists in traditional medical settings. Bringing the power of the subconscious to those suffering and looking for answers is a personal passion of mine. I am happy to refer you to local Medical Professionals with whom I work to receive a prescription for Hypnotherapy. I am available as a consulting Hypnotist to medical professionals and often asked to provide my services pre and post surgery and with chronic illness and to overcome chronic physical discomfort.

Hypnotherapy can be used on any medical condition you wish to improve or avoid. Helping you to prepare for an upcoming medical procedure is my greatest honor. Anything the mind affects hypnotherapy can impact. Please arrange for a referral prescription from your physician for hypnotherapy. Studies have shown the powerful effect of hypnotherapy on pain management. The Schnuer study of 2007 showed that breast cancer patients who underwent a hypnotherapy session prior to surgery required less sedation during the surgery. Post-surgery, they experienced less nausea and pain. In fact, hypnosis treatment was shown to have saved the hospital $770 per patient.

Ask Your Doctor About Hypnosis!

Ask Your Doctor About Hypnosis!


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