Transforming Sadness with Hypnosis

Get Back To Living With Joy!

Get Back To Living With Joy!

According to WebMD, hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for depression and can be used in combination with other treatments to improve the success rate for depression. Feelings of sadness and hopelessness are often like a vortex and finding a way out can seem impossible. Hypnosis allows for you to become more open to discussion and suggestions in a safe, relaxed and comfortable environment.

Through hypnotherapy, we discover the emotional paths and past hurts, fears and events which have compounded to create a state of sadness and hopelessness. If you currently have a diagnosis from your health care provider for depression or anxiety, a simple prescription from them for hypnotherapy will allow us to begin our work. Together, we begin to untangle the puzzle and help you find your way back to joy and peace. Depression is a diagnosed condition and requires a prescription for Hypnosis from your health care provider. Get your joy back today! Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed…

You Don’t Have to Stay Depressed: Hypnotherapy Helps!

Q: What’s an advantage to being depressed?

A: You never have to make your bed, since you’re always in it.

Chances are that you or a loved one has had at least a brush with depression. After all, nearly 1 in 10 Americans every year suffers from this kind of emotional distress – whether it’s brought on by a loss, life transition, or traumatic event; or caused by a chemical imbalance. But what is really causing the chemical imbalance to begin with? Your thoughts, in fact are chemicals. So when you change your thinking, well you change your entire body’s biological response.

Some signs of depression include excessive worry, overeating or under-eating, using drugs or alcohol to get through the day, insomnia and yes, the lack of interest in life to the point where you don’t want to get out of bed. And, while humor is a good way to lighten one’s mood: when depression hits it is anything but funny.

In recent years the standard approach to the relief of depression has been psychotherapy, medication or a combination of the two. Both of these treatments can help but their fundamental flaws are that they treat the mind and body as separate and serve to merely mask symptoms temporarily. Luckily, people who suffer from depression, anxiety and chronic sadness today have another option: one that truly leads to relief: hypnotherapy.  

You are a magnificent bodymind, in fact one whole psychosomatic network and by changing your thoughts, beliefs and old programming it impacts every cell and system in your human body.

Hypnotherapy is gaining popularity in treating depression because of its effectiveness in alleviating the deeper underlying causes of depression. Very often depression is rooted in past events, core negative beliefs, anxieties or trauma. By working together, we can first discern what is actually going on in your subconscious mind. Then we can teach or ‘reprogram’ your default negative thoughts with positive feelings, new more automatic positive thinking and experiences.  Hypnotherapy also equips you with new tools to continue to create the life you desire more and more.  Through hypnotherapy you are literally changing the neural connections in your brain and body.

The changes resulting from hypnotherapy are long lasting because they access the power of your own imagination. My job, as a hypnotherapist, is simply to facilitate the process of your taking back control of your own mind, your own body and your own life. In truth, you already have all the answers within your bodymind. Ask your doctor today for a prescription and start to feel better now.