Start your own reprogramming today. Below are some complimentary guided self hypnosis sessions for you enjoyment. Perhaps you are feeling stressed or unsettled in life. I offer these as a way to begin to uncover the internal resources that you can employ to reach your goals.  Self hypnosis and meditation begin with focusing your attention. These recordings walk you through the process of relaxation and allow you to experience an altered state. This deep relaxation and positive messages trigger your subconscious mind to begin to make the changes you are seeking in your life.  This is a smart place to begin your journey of self empowerment and change. Listening and practicing with these recordings will simply enhance the one on one work we will do together in your customized sessions. 

Simply find a comfortable place to relax, preferably with headphones where you won’t be disturbed for the next 30 minutes or so. Please never listen while driving. Sometimes people find it difficult to quiet all the thoughts in their mind. But for you using these recordings you’ll find it quite easy. You can begin to master your thoughts and quiet your mind and this causes you to discover the internal resources available to bring your life around to the way you truly want it to be. Remember there is no way to do any of this work wrong. You have an incredible reservoir of resources inside of you. Quieting your mind is the first step in tapping into the power within you to create more joy, wellness and freedom. Take a moment to become clear on your goals in life, ask yourself what to I truly want and need right now?

Inner Peace Guided Meditation





Guided Meditation for Stress Reduction