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Hypnosis and Sports Performance

Hypnosis for Sports Performance

Sports hypnosis is the method of using hypnosis, nlp and mindfulness techniques with athletes and other sports players to enhance and improve their performance and improve physical recovery from injury. Hypnosis is used in sports primarily for two purposes – performance enhancing and therapeutic purposes. Sports athletes can succumb to many injuries due to the intense physical training they undergo to stay in shape and form and while playing the actual sport. Hypnosis is used in helping them get over the trauma of pain and injury and improving their mental state of mind to achieve excellence in the game.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the process of inducing a person into a state of heightened consciousness in which he is highly suggestible or receptive to direction or suggestion from a professional hypnotist. It reconnects both body and mind and rewires responses.  It is used to primarily help improve performance, attitude or alter unwanted behavior. Hypnosis is safe, simple and successful. When choosing a hypnotist it is important to look for someone with a minimum of 500 hours of training and someone who has graduated from a State-Licensed School.

Use of hypnosis in sports

Hypnosis is used widely among professional athletes. They believe that hypnosis is a great tool to achieve their personal best. Subconsciously athletes may be sabotaging their own performance or suppress their pain and anger which may adversely affect them in other ways. Professional hypnotherapy is an excellent way to transform these blocks.  Team members of the Russian Olympic team are known to use hypnosis to enhance their performance.  For more information on how hypnosis can help you achieve your personal best visit www.bethsnyderhypnosis.com.