Joann B. , Sarasota, FL

For years, I suffered with anxiety which often led to months of being depressed. After just one session with Beth, I felt that a burden had been lifted! Why didn’t I see her sooner? I lived my life telling myself and everyone around me that I was OK. Meanwhile underneath it all, I was hurt and angry that my life wasn’t going the way that it “should” be going. Although I tried to find answers, talk therapy and self-help books just never really helped. Beth has an ability to help me discover a limiting belief system that I never knew existed. Through her compassionate support, I was able to see the world in a new way, and ultimately see myself in a NEW way! My life is now really moving in the direction that I wouldn’t have imagined. The biggest learning in this process is that I had the power all along. After several sessions, I now use her powerful techniques to live a happier life free of anxiety!

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