Body MInd Medicine

What Science Tells Us About Hypnosis!

When you think of your mind, do you think of it separate from your body? Do you consider it only to be the gray matter within your brain? Quite often we consider our body and mind separate and independent of each other. I would ask you to consider that your body and mind are actually one beautiful energy field. They work together to create psychosomatic wellness or illness. Now, this isn’t just my idea or whim. In fact, some of the most brilliant minds and scientists of all time are discovering more and more scientific evidence to support the truth that our emotions are directly connected to our overall wellness

Candace Pert, PHD asserts, that ‘the current paradigm shift in the appreciation of wellness is associated with the fusion of Eastern philosophy and Western science. Newtonian physics is the foundation for Western Medicine. Quantum physics predicts that what we can visualize and observe becomes reality.’ The groundbreaking discoveries in Psychoneuroimmunology, Immunology and Psychology make apparent the cconnection between body and mind. In fact, it is now overwhelmingly evidentiary that our bodymind functions as one single psychosomatic network of information molecules. In fact, our emotions are simply peptides, molecules and hormones that connect to our cells either obstructing wholeness and wellness or facilitating it. 

Through mindfulness, hypnotic techniques and proven hypnotic protocols you empower yourself. Our “molecules of emotions” are located throughout our entire bodymind. The beautiful subconscious mind was designed to help regulate the incredible amount of information we are constantly exposed to. In the past it was thought that our brain would have the thought and it would trickle down into the body. However, the opposite is actually true. Our body is our subconscious mind and our brain is there to act to keep us safe and regulate what we can pay attention to. 

This is where we can get into areas of wondering why we may desire a different behavior or reaction but feel stuck or limited. Your subconscious mind is full of beliefs and they trigger our emotions or chemical reaction within us. So just like drugs the trigger altered states of consciousness. Which in turns triggers the memories, behaviours, postures and beliefs that our subconscious is using to keep us safe or protected. When we fluctuate between negative emotional states it can cause much suffering. Through hypnosis and mindfulness we become empowered to regulate and understand our bodymind to create more joy, wellness and love in our lives

In recent decades the documented science now supports what philosophers and Eastern teachings have known all along, that we are one beautifully connected body of energy. The Western concept that the body can be divided into separate organs and systems is simply unsustainable and at its core untrue. The brain, spinal cord, nerves, systems and most amazingingly our immune system are not separate but in fact are all one of the same system. Our thoughts and behaviour patterns originate from the network of neurons that fire together. By experiencing a shift in beliefs through a relaxed, pleasant, loving state of consciousness you promote new thought patterns that impact not only your behaviors but your overall bodymind wellness. Hypnotherapy is a safe, simple and successful way to achieve your goals and the science backs up your choice. 

I invite you to relax and enjoy the guided meditation below and as you do consider contemplating your bodymind connection. I recommend using a pair of headphones in a safe and comfortable place free from distractions to enjoy. 


Guided Meditation for Stress Reduction