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How Hypnosis Can Help Overcome Addictions

How Hypnosis Can Help Overcome Addictions

By: Beth A. Snyder, Clinical Hypnotherapist

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There is a saying on my website (, “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” This is true, but just knowing it doesn’t stop you from hurting. Whether your addiction is to a substance, a person or a behavior, the emotional pain feels sharp as a knife.

That is because physical pain and emotional pain are experienced in the same part of the brain. So, when you suffer emotional disruption your pain receptors light up as if you were sliced open.

If you believe, as I do, that all addictions are a misguided attempt to soothe emotional pain and distress, then you will understand that finding a way to be with your pain and allowing it to pass is the path to emotional freedom and wholeness.

This is where hypnotherapy is at its most effective. The latest neuroscience shows that the brain continues to grow new circuitry throughout a person’s lifespan. When hypnosis is conducted by a Certified Clinical & Transpersonal Hypnotherapist such as myself, it can be used to bypass the critical mind and access the subconscious. Then it can help to ‘rewire’ the underlying pain, or root cause, of addiction and allow for a more loving and expansive life.

Psychosomatic Modalities Create Permanent Change

Tapping Into The BodyMind Connection 

You’ve probably heard of muscle memory: the idea that by practicing your footwork or the tango it becomes easier, even a ‘no-brainer,’ to do a martial art or dance step.  The same dynamic is true for emotional memory.

Research into the body/mind connection has shown that the emotions we feel today, and those we’ve experienced all through our lives, are stored in our glands, organs, tissues and cells. The good news is that through hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic (re)programming (NLP) and other psychosomatic modalities, we can literally change what can be called the cellular subconscious. 

Through my work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner, I know that the path to emotional freedom is through rewiring our neuro pathways away from pain and back to pleasure. Yes, back to pleasure! We are all biologically programmed for happiness: hardwired for bliss.

Mastering our emotions – those we feel in the moment and the emotional memories that are holding us back from our highest potential – is not as hard as you think.  It can be as easy as a hop, skip and a jump. 

You can start your personal empowerment program today! Click here for a demonstration of one of the powerful psychosomatice modalties available to you now, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Then call for a free consultation at (941) 228-8020 to learn more about hypnoanalysis, self-directed neuroplasticity and nlp.

Why Celebrities Use Hypnosis

Why Top Performers Use Hypnosis?


In this over-stimulating and competitive era, it’s easy to feel distracted, even discouraged, about your ability to shine. Perhaps you feel your progress in reaching your goals is consistently under par; or maybe you ‘freeze up’ at exactly the time when you need to be ‘in the flow’.

Sound familiar? You are not alone. Top sports figures like golfer Tiger Woods, basketball star Michael Jordan and many other athletes have had the same difficulties. It is well documented that one method they use to override and dissolve their self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk is therapeutic hypnosis, also called hypnotherapy. 

How does it work? First, I want to explain that hypnotherapy is not something that takes you over or makes you lose control. It is an alert state where you become more aware and focused on achieving your personal best.

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner,  I am trained to unearth your negative mind talk and change it to positive. By working with me, after a few sessions, if not after only one visit, you will have learned techniques for anxiety reduction and begun to shift the subconscious from old ‘tape loops’ that end in failure, to new recordings of success and achievement.

Performance enhancement does not have to come from a pill or a protein powder. You already have what it takes to succeed!

What Is NLP and How It Can Change Your Life?

What Is NLP and How It Can Change Your Life?

By: Beth A. Snyder, CCHt

NLP or neuro-linguistic programming is a mechanism or tool in which a person can fine tune or program their thoughts and mind to match their language, goals and desires. NLP provides practical ways and tools to help a person change the way they live their life. NLP influences and directs the way we think, remember past events and memories and can change our overall approach to life and happiness. NLP is similar to the software of a computer. It is like the software of the mind. It is an extraordinary, innovative and inventive approach on how to develop, improve and perfect human communication skills to achieve excellence in all areas of one’s life.

The principle behind NLP

The main and basic principle of NLP is that you can change the way your life works and the way you live your life by changing the way your mind works and the way you think. NLP focuses on programming thoughts and behaviours towards reaching high levels of motivation and positivity. Employing NLP techniques allows us to overcome barriers and obstructions in order to reach our goals and dreams in a more focused and directed manner.

The discovery of NLP

NLP shows you how you can take control of your life by taking control of your mind. It focuses on the ‘how’ aspect more than the ‘why’ aspect. It was discovered by two people – one a mathematician named Richard Bandler and the other a linguistic named John Grinder. Both of them were fascinated by the fact of how some people were able to excel at a particular skill and how some people were merely average or good at a particular work or task because they didn’t have the same skill. They were curious to learn the difference between these two kinds of people and what it was that made them so different from one another intellectually. At its core NLP is the study and duplication of excellence.

How can NLP change your life?

NLP has proven to be extremely effective in a number of areas. As a Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotist creating excellence in your life is my passion. With NLP you can improve your life in the following ways.

• Work or business

• Relationships

• Sports and physical activity or fitness

• Health, well-being & personal happiness

By learning and incorporating NLP into your life you can drastically change the way things work in your life. Achieve your personal best and enjoy life more. NLP also uses techniques like attracting positivity and the power of belief. Learn more today at


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