Overcoming Anxiety & Depression with Hypnotherapy

In my experience and training, it is evident that anxiety and depression arise from suppressing our emotions. When we deny our anger, hurt and fear and push it down or try to ignore it, typically, it will reemerge as panic attacks, anxious feelings and depression. During our developmental years, we begin to form the beliefs that drive our behaviors. For example, if you were told that boys don’t cry or that nobody likes a cry baby, it begins to form the beliefs that help you filter the world around you. Although your parents had good intentions to toughen you up or help you to fit in, ultimately, you learned how to deny your feelings. It is said that the tears that the eyes don’t cry the body will weep. When we deny our true feelings and push them down and away, they don’t actually go anywhere and eventually find a way to reemerge. The beauty of hypnotherapy is that we can untangle the complicated problems that lead us to our current state. Hypnotherapy provides a safe and secure way to fully relax and reframe our false beliefs. You may have heard that no one makes you feel anything and that is true. We ultimately chose how we feel about an experience. By reprogramming our beliefs, we can begin to experience the world in a whole new way. Simply put, experiences lead to beliefs and lead to our emotions and behaviors. By revisiting where the beliefs cemented and reframing and adjusting them, we can positively impact all aspects of our lives.

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